Chances are, if you’re here. You’re curious.

We will be a fit if you appreciate a gentle, light, humorous yet no nonsense approach to working through life’s challenges (the Mud).

I believe we make things difficult, or easy, based on our perceptions and beliefs.

I didn’t always believe this.  I believed that good and bad things happened, that life was just “like that”.

The truth, my truth now, is that we consciously create our lives; and there is a certain amount of ownership and responsibility we need to embrace in order for our lives to be fulfilled.   That certain amount? Is all of it.

Life is an ongoing work in progress.  There will always be layers to peel back, moments to experience and things to heal and learn.  There is no magic pill or wand, no matter how much it’s wanted.

We are the designers of our lives.  I help you see the deeper meaning behind those experiences; and discover tools that will help you on your journey.

I used to live with sleepless nights, questions swirling in my head.  I created anxiety and years worth of depression. Sometimes I felt stuck, and I didn’t even know why. Now, when “stuck” or “mud” happens, I can discern what’s happening.

Do you want to feel joy, balance, and clear?  I know I did, but I had no idea where to turn when the more common treatments stopped working.  When I began my quest for wellness, it soon became a quick alignment with Holistic and Spiritually based practitioners and healers. From Angel Cards, to Reiki, to Shamanism, to meditation, I tried it all.  It all helped depending on the situation. It not only helped me heal, but it showed me that I had my own set of Healing gifts to offer the world.

This was me, and this is who I work with. I continue to work with various healers and practitioners, as I don’t believe our work is ever done. This helps me be the best version of myself, so I can show up for you. How do you want to shape your path? How do you want your days to look? How do you, want to feel?

If any of this resonates, then I’d love to hear from you.

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