Over the last few years of doing the work I am so blessed and grateful to be doing, I noticed a pattern with my one on one appointments. 

People would ask what the difference was between a Channelled Session versus a Coaching Session versus an Energy Healing Session.  The answer is that I use a different tool, technique, teaching or aspect of my gift to connect and provide the person before me with what they need.

Appointments with me have always been and will always be a very here and now experience, and until you’re in the moment, it’s hard to know what’s needed.

What I have come to appreciate is that one to one appointments are like stepping into a healing studio, so I call them Sessions.

Whenever I think of the word “sessions”, I always have a vision of a piece of music being composed in a studio. Much like healing , there are frequencies, harmonies, fine tuning, balancing and all the other many adjustments that go into the creation of us singing the songs of our soul.  

Since I regularly receive messages from Spirit saying to Simplify……

Rather than having different types of sessions, you simply decide how much time you desire, and your session will include any or all of the following elements. Channeling from spirit, coaching, mentorship and energy healing; depending on what we discover in the moment.

This approach allows me to provide a deeper level of service in a well-rounded way, without feeling restricted to a type of service/technique/tool I should/shouldn’t include. 

I look forward to hearing from you and our next (or first!) session together.  

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Oh but.. hey Heather I am still not sure exactly what you do.. or how a session can help me.  No problem, just contact me using the form below and let me know you’d like a free consult, please include a brief message about your main area of concern, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to book your free consult and we’ll go from there.

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