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Believe 💫

At 5:15 this morning while White Eagle was still sleeping, I tiptoed (as much as one can tiptoe in a trailer) to the kitchen to make a coffee and enjoy some morning ME time. For my sanity, and well let’s be honest, the preservation of others.

I reached into the cabinet to pull out a mug, after hitting the others of course…

Sidebar: why is it when you’re trying to be quiet you’re
I N S A N E L Y L O U D?!

This mug is one of two of my favourite things with the word Believe and both were dollar store finds! Double bonus! This mug and I have had many mornings together. Mornings of quiet contemplation, reflection, decisions made, questions answered, feelings felt. I have shed almost more tears over the power of the statement on this mug, than I have watching Grey’s Anatomy.

As I stood there this morning, mug in hand, I looked down at my arm, and realized how often we are asked “how” we created a life we love.

I can hear the conversations, and they often go something like this…

Heather, how did you create this though? How did your life evolve to where you wanted it?

I manifested it.

No seriously how did you do it? Did you win the lottery?

I believed.

Okay come on, be serious, don’t give me this airy fairy, fluffy, positivity stuff. Tell me how you called in all the things that you are always glowing about?

Let me show you something. I rise my arm and show my Unicorn tattoo, and I say, It’s about…. Believing. When you choose to believe, then, and only then does it happen. Yes that’s right when I hit 35, I decided to start believing in Unicorns. So much so that a million little needle marks made it permanent on my arm.

Other person: Okay fine. I know.. but.

The first place to start is dropping the phrase “I know but..”

I know but. The greatest line ever to hold the energy of non-believe-ing.

Stop. Let that sink in for a minute.

You are actively NOT believing when you add ~ “I know but” to a sentence.

Where are you “I know but-ing” in your life?

As I stood there and this message came through to share, a song popped into my head. A song that was written and released 25 years ago. Something shook me, I felt sadness for all the people who don’t believe. Because I know what it’s like, to not. I too had what I call an “existence” before choosing to believe there was more, or better, or at least a certain level of “okay-ness” that I wasn’t experiencing yet.

I extracted a couple lines from Believe (’93) by Lenny Kravitz and Henry J. Hirsch.

If you want it you got to believe
Believe in yourself
‘Cause being free is just a state of mind
We’ll one day leave this all behind
Just put your faith in God (Creator/Universe/WhatSuitsYou/HigherPower) Hot tip
And one day you’ll see it
The future’s in our present hands  this
Let’s reach right in
Let’s understand
If you want it you’ve got to believe  and this!

You see, I had to deeply commit to Believing. Now, every single day, multiple times a day, I am shown. I am given more evidence than I could ever ask for to help me keep going.

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you. I thank you for allowing me to share a piece of my heart with you. A piece of soul. A piece of our “Wow”.

An Invitation.

Are you ready for more? Are you ready to surrender? Are you ready to embrace now? Are you ready to Rock Your Mud? Are you ready to Believe? Are you ready to consider just one little bit, that maybe if you gave Believing a fraction of the effort you put into not-believing, you may Design a Life You Love?

I invite anyone who feels called, to join my humble beautiful space, and a group of love filled, focused people here at Rock Your Mud I talk abundance, gratitude, healing, the down and dirty of the mud and life, to the sparkling shine of magic and wonder… and just so much more.

My mission is to help as many people as I can.

It’s time. It’s your time.

Faith Healer 



Surrender To the Magic

If you had told me that White Eagle and I would co-create all of these changes that have come through in the last few months I’d have laughed.
A handful of months ago we had casually chatted about what we wanted; but we didn’t know how it looked, or when it would happen or how. In those moments we were choosing to stay in the city.
We were choosing to stay at our jobs, and our life as it was. Please know, that we knew and we trusted – that one day down the road something would shift; we didn’t know when or how and we certainly take any typical specific action to make it happen.
Today, as White Eagle enters his 4 day closing ceremony of his tenure at his current job; I sit here reflecting, balanced, focused and felt compelled to share with all of you just a little bit of this chapter.
Our chosen family, our friends, our supporters, our kindred spirits and those who just need a little something to sip on this morning.
When January of 2018 rolled around my energy, mood and general attitude was in a less than stellar state. Things just were not feeling okay for me. Day in and day out, life was really kicking my Unicorn ass. As I dragged myself into work every day, there were days I’d be in tears in the parking lot, or at home afterwards because I just couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t the job or the people; it was me. It just didn’t align anymore; and I was hurting deeply because of it.
I knew things needed to change; years of personal development, studying and counselling others, thankfully I was taking a dose of my own medicine.
When March rolled around, we didn’t set out and look for a new apartment; or a new job, or do anything typical that would involve finding these things. It was just hey wouldn’t it be nice if… or.. oh hey you know what we should do… and that excitement shifted something in me. It changed my vibration. I went from depression and malaise to engaged and alive again. We just talked about how good it would be; we didn’t spend countless hours searching, waiting wondering, pining for something new.
I just woke up one morning and while trying to decide on switching a cellular service; said WTF am I doing this now for on a Saturday morning; and I heard in my head “go on Kijiji look at Stouffville apartments right now.” That’s how we found it. It was that easy. It was that ‘done’.
In May, while laughing hysterically at the fact that yet another HR manager was leaving the company I was at, the words “Help me leave too” came out of my mouth. Eyes wide; I had my “oh FFFFFF###%%” what just came out of my MOUTH?! moment.
How do you call this in? How do you connect to this divine way of being? How do you just “be okay”?
We surrendered. We took our hands off the wheel. We stopped projecting, we let go of control, we don’t push things, we don’t demand.
We surrendered to whatever the Creator had in the plan for us.
You see when we first started out; I didn’t even know we would make it. I joke now when I say; our relationship was on Tuesdays because back then that was White Eagle’s only day off. That was my first big surrender.
I remember praying; okay Creator, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing because I feel something here. I see something here; and by golly it is NOT what I had thought it would look like, but this is on you man. Seriously! That’s pretty much exactly what I said.
As the Creator spoke to him, and to me, things just unfolded, naturally.
The more we surrendered, let go of beliefs and ideas on ‘shoulds’, released expectations and standards, the more aligned we became to our own individual truths, and ultimately remained connected.
In order for us to arrive at today; we had to allow the death of the old.
If you had told me a year ago; I’d bit sipping sacred cacao from Guatemala, just barely a week and a half since leaving my corporate world job, listening to tribal music, channeling dead people, conducting intuitive readings and healings and home clearings and have the love of my life support me with every move and shake rattle and roll I could come up with in the last few WEEKS (not months, not years.. weeks) I’d tell you; you were nuts.
I still wake up some days and my first thought is… “wow”.
If you’d told me that by leaving my job; my feet, legs, hips and back would stop hurting me so much it was almost debilitating I wouldn’t have believed you. (And I’ve studied and taught this stuff for years).
Here’s some TMI stuff just to drive the point home a little harder…
If you told me that my IBS symptoms would D I S A P P E A R almost overnight, I’d have laughed at you until I sent you into orbit as stardust. Yep I’m that sassy.
If you had marked on a calendar that my moon time would return to normal exactly 3 days after wrapping up some “when are you leaving” details at that day job, I’d have eyerolled.
If you’d suggested that my new state of being would be this thing called “relaxed” – You’d have gotten a “ya ya.. sure.”
Ifs, ands, buts, and hows – have no place here now.
Part of my path and gift, is to share. To be an example of what is possible. I share it because you’re witnessing two people who have chosen to live their life very differently than they once did. Two people who have had brilliant moments; and down right—this-might-kill-me- moments. Two people who are so ridiculously humbled, grateful and amazed by what this life truly is; that we just look at one another some times and sit in the ‘wow’.
Thank you for being in the wow with us.
Faith Healer 💜🦄

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So Much More Than Ink

Two years ago today; this beauty was inked into my arm. All of my tattoos have very intention and deep meaning for me. Not just because they are “cool”; but because I so strongly feel them and want them to be a permanent part of my existence.
I don’t know when Unicorns suddenly became “all the rage”, but I love to share with people that I embraced Unicorn medicine from my soul. I loved Unicorns separate from their “fad-like” and over-commercialized use; and I will continue to embrace their magic long after the fad leaves.


Unicorns represent to me everything I’ve known in my soul for, forever. That magic is real. That believing in magic brings incredible things. That you can be anything you want to be. You can create anything you desire in your life.

But what’s fascinating is that it took me until 35 years old to embrace it FULLY. To let it shine; to show up; to be me; to allow myself to be seen. To celebrate, this tattoo was born and upon my arm it lives.

Recently I’ve been reflecting on all the things that have transpired in the last couple of years; and this was just another one of those incredible moments in time that I stepped up for myself and committed to my life again.

People ask me, “How do you just change?”. I let them know that Step 1 – is to decide. Decide to believe; because your best thinking got you to where you are today; and if you don’t like where you are today; you need to decide to choose differently.

What do you decide today?


Faith Healer 💜🦄

Unicorn Tattoo April 29


Faith Healer

I want to introduce you to someone. It’s been a struggle to embrace and know this person because she challenges me beyond belief. She shows me things I don’t know or want to believe or understand. She has pushed my limits, she has put me into situations that I have no choice but to learn from. She gave me the toughest of moments to struggle through the mud with, and she made me stab my glittery Unicorn horn in some dark places.

She puts her hands on me and she shakes me to my core until I have no choice but to see, know, feel and love.

But, oh my she shows me beauty, she shows me truth, she shows me magic and miracles and absolute divinity. She runs a current through my body, and she sets my hands on fire. She channels messages and she lights the way.

I was introduced to her 15 months ago, and as it was explained to me who she was, I still didn’t quite understand.

This morning, she put her hands around my existence, poured her essence into me and I knew.

When I first met her, it was the same day that my love White Eagle (Adrian) was guided to allow me to smoke his Canupa (Sacred Pipe), as up to that point it had been his personal pipe only. It was the same day, that I knew life in a way I had never experienced before. You see Adrian introduced me to Faith Healer; because he knew. He knew her better than she knew herself.

Today when we woke, precisely 15 months and 5 days to that moment back in time, Adrian asked me a question and in that moment I was able to now embrace in my own way who she is.

Allow me to introduce you to her.

Hello, I’m Faith Healer, and it is a humble, grateful, pleasure to be here. 💜🦄


As a Woman

As a girl; I was silenced.
As a girl; I was ignored.
As a girl; I was shamed.
As a girl; I was mistreated.
As a girl; I was in deep pain.
As a girl; I was chosen last.
As a woman; I know my power.
As a woman; I know my soul.
As a woman; I know my heart.
As a woman; I rise above.
As a woman; I use my voice.
As a woman; I embrace my truth.
As a woman; I stand tall.
As a woman; I smile.
As a woman; I surrender.

In honour of International Women’s Day
~Heather Lynn Tobin, March 8, 2018 💜🦄

The Hidden Gift that Made Itself Known

I don’t remember when I first realized I was intuitive. I believe I used to be referred to as highly sensitive. I also don’t remember when I realized I was a healer, but I do remember always being put into situations sometimes by choice and sometimes by force, to “be the rock”. I remember being in my mid-teens and going to the hospital to walk my Nanny (maternal side) out to the car after she’d sat with my Grandfather for a few hours after he’d passed. The week before, I knew it would be the last time he’d be alive when I said goodbye after a visit. The anniversary of that is this Friday.

Around 20, I slept on my paternal grandfather’s side of the bed beside my grandmother, when we got the call around 5am from the hospital, saying that he’d passed in his sleep. It was Easter Weekend, and I was one of the last people he spoke to coherently in his drug induced state that was keeping him comfortable.

So, in the last couple of weeks, I’m picking up on folks who have passed over. Their energy, their behaviours, their actions. This is new for me. I don’t mind it, but it’s made me a bit uncomfortable because its new, and I’ve doubted it. Until I share it, in a gentle hesitant way, all the while my insides are screaming you shouldn’t be dabbling here. I shouldn’t be discussing “dead people”. The reality is, I’ve been surrounded by death from a very young age. Physical, emotional and spiritual. So, it actually fits.

Fits so much, that even my authentic truth, was dead.
These days, I have received so much confirmation from people I have served and their feedback has blown me away. My love even said to me one day after a visit with my parents, that he doesn’t think they have any idea how gifted I am. He gets to live with this, so if there’s anything reliable there, it’s that he sees me in action every day. Lucky guy? Poor guy? I suppose it depends on the moon phase that day. (yes, humour is part of this gig)

Up until about 5 years ago (maybe more maybe less..), I had little to no support for my Intuition and my Healing gifts. I had a few teachers and supervisors say I was a “natural” at what I did when counselling people, running groups, or discussing mental health and addiction concerns. But the intuition and natural ability to heal for decades, I was told, it was all in my head. So I tried to stay clinical. I tried to be the textbook counsellor, but every now and again, the Intuitive Counsellor showed up. Eyes wide, hearts open, and feedback received, that became my way. Allowing myself to tap into the medicine organically, without the standard scales and measures of testing or asking questions.

As my Intuition and Healing abilities were in a death march up until not so long ago, it resulted in life long migraines, a terrible stomach and very depressive and anxious states. I still swing from one mood to the next, because I spent more years ignoring it, hiding it and being shamed by it, than I have embracing it. So I’m still working through the kinks. As a kid, I remember thinking I had a robot living in my bedroom closet. Hindsight is that I’m fairly certain this was my first encounter with a Spirit. But I was too afraid to say anything to him, or hear him, so I just laid in my bed and hid.

Some days it felt like a blessing and some days it felt like a curse.

In the last month, I have lost count of how many readings and intuitive messages I have done and noticed a common theme. Often when I’m doing them, the words don’t sound like mine, the phrases aren’t lined up the way I’d phrase them and it feels so peculiar. In the past my readings and messages were spaced apart and I didn’t see what was happening. So does that mean I’m now channelling?

Am I psychic? Am I a medium? Am I an Intuitive? I have felt such negative connotation towards the words psychic and medium. I’ve never used them to describe myself because I thought that people would go back to doubting and shaming me, after all the hard work I’ve put in to embrace being an “Intuitive”. Or people would be thinking wow, she can’t make up her mind on what to call herself.

The truth is, I’ve struggled with labels and what to call myself for years. What do you put on the business card? Do I put anything? I’ve had Coach, Mentor, Healer, Intuitive, Life Coach, Intuitive Healing Coach, the list goes on. In school you are given phrases and grades for your “you-ness”. The word Gifted often came up. Maybe I should throw that in for good measure? Perhaps “Closet Psychic Medium” is the next one I should run with?

I suppose whatever the label or title is, I just need to surrender to it and allow the gifts to come through as they need to.
I can no longer hide from, or run from my truth. Especially when I invite people to always live theirs.

P.S. If you google dead people, don’t. If you google Spirits, you’ll get mostly pictures of alcohol. So to cleanse my retinas, I went with a pretty butterfly, because once again I am going through a metamorphosis.