Inspired Offer

Notice: All other offers and services have been removed so I can activate and bring this inspired offer to life.
What was the greatest gift from the coach who charged $300, the $75 an hour counsellor, and the $200 Healer give me? The ability to decide.
They showed me how they went about deciding their fees. Everything from overhead to energetic exchange to knowing full well they too are trying to pay their bills. That there is an energetic exchange that happens whether it be through gifts, money, donations, freebies, you name it.
After the many significant experiences I have had in my life, I remember the struggle of desiring holistic health and not being able to afford it. I knew that traditional medicine and practitioners was not working for me and I felt lost for many years. Not knowing where to turn. Over the last handful of years, I have worked with healers and coaches of all kinds at a variety of price points. We all deserve to get the help and healing we desire. I’ve been feeling the call to give more; and so Spirit gave me a reminder of where I was, and specific guided instructions.
I was shown there is no wrong way to decide because we simply must follow our own truth and path. Because of that learning, I am showing up today to announce that I will be doing something different with my rates and running with Spirit on an inspired goal.
The goal is to help as many people as I can, between now and April 4th, who are ready to embrace and allow it. I could pick a number like 50 or 100 people, but I wasn’t given those specifics. I was just told “as many people as you can…at a rate they can afford, that feels good to them, and trust that they will do what is right because it is none of my business how they arrive at their price point”. It was that clear, and that blunt. I don’t know why April 4th, perhaps 4/4 but I don’t ask questions, I just do as I’m told when Spirit speaks.
So there it is.
Whether it be in person group talks, in person or remote healing appointments, in person or remote card readings, and yes my intuitive written messages. It is all available.
My set appointment medicine is available in 30 or 60 minute blocks of time on a sliding scale from $50 to $150. So that means, you could be someone who pays $150 for a 30 appointment, or $50 for an hour.
My emailed card readings and intuitive written messages are also part of this sliding scale. So if you feel called to pay me $75 for an emailed card reading, or be on skype with me for 30 minutes while I conduct your reading, it is entirely up to you.
You know what feels good to you. Your soul will show you. Just ask, and see what the answer is.
If you’re ready to dance in the glorious mud with me, send me a private message or email me at and let’s begin. 💜🦄
P.S. This is open to old clients, new clients, inspired action takers, and anyone who feels drawn to be a part of this inspired goal.
Inspired Goal