Energy Healing

As an Intuitive Healer, I work with energy medicine to help with the healing and easing of various concerns.

After receiving attunements for Reiki I and II, I realized that this was part of the energy work I am gifted to offer, and that there was more to what was coming through me that I now describe as energy medicine.  It is channelled energy that offers support in a different way and is intuitive. I feel what is going on with you, in my body.  Although no physical contact is made between myself and the client, think of it like an energetic massage.

Physical, emotional or spiritual, energy healing can offer deeper insight into the area of concern.

In addition to live appointments where we connect on video conferencing or the phone, I also offer distance healing. Energy is not bound by space or time, so having this healing remotely is a very common choice by many.

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