I talk quite a bit about mindset because it is my superpower. Just like your mindset is your superpower.

New Moon’s are about manifesting. We cannot see the new moon so she is forgotten. Just like our mindset. We don’t “see” it so we forget about it.

When I stopped living my life needing proof…
When I stopped being jealous and angry over what others had and I didn’t…
When I stopped seeing change as a terrible thing…
When I stopped fearing tomorrow, next week or next year…
When I decided to trust and believe…

When I started living as if everything I’d wanted already existed in my life….
Things turned around dramatically for me.
The last two and a half years of my life have been purely 100% manifested.

As I spend my day in ceremony with this power, this medicine, this gift that we all have I will feel gratitude of what has unfolded for me, been shown to me, and the experiences I have been offered in the last two and a half years.

My manifesting work has happened on and off before this time frame, but I wasn’t conscious of it. It was spotty and I was still thinking “things just happen”. This has been a consistent two and a half years of conscious creation.

Will you decide today to start consciously creating?

Will you decide today to take fierce responsibility for your mindset?

Will you decide today to design a life you love? Or maybe just design an hour you love and go from there?

Embrace this new moon and embrace your beautiful mindset, it’s waiting for you.💜🦄🌑🤩mindset

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