You inspire me.
You’ve helped me heal.
That resonates.
Thank you for being part of my healing journey.

The statements above, were all said to me yesterday.  Completely unexpected, not prompted, yet so deeply moving and affirming of why I do what I do.

Many people over the years have asked me about why I’ve chosen to share intimate details of my life in some of my writings.  The answer is simple, I am here to serve and heal.

I bring my truth and lived experiences to the page because I know it intimately, as every breath and minute have been mine to love or agonize over.

I no longer fear my non-supporters.  I no longer fear questions like, why did you write that? I no longer fear my truth.

I love that I am given so many platforms to share, and serve.  I love my words, that come while I sit in the dark morning, drink coffee and listen to ambient music, have helped another human on their journey.

I love, that I am a healer.  It has taken time for me to get to this place, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, I thank you dear audience, client, passerby, you, inspire me.

Being Stuck – A Debilitating Belief

We have likely all heard it, and said it, I’m stuck.
Two words that hold such immense power, we can render ourselves debilitated. Think of the last time you were stuck. Or maybe you feel stuck right now. What did you do? What are you doing? I would get those frown lines in my forehead, struggled to find an answer, got super agitated that I couldn’t understand why I was stuck, booked an emergency hair appointment to make a dramatic change (a good stylist won’t let you do this immediately as they will question your judgement to make sure you’re alright), ate a pound of chocolate, googled how to become un-stuck. Then I would sleep it all off, wake up the next morning………… and still stuck.
We are programmed to believe that discomfort is bad, and that being stuck is bad. Yes, I know pain feels awful, but if you’re going to be stuck anywhere, spend it with me here for a few minutes.
Let’s consider being right in the middle of our stuck-ness is exactly what we need. Being stuck really gets your attention, doesn’t it? You go into oh-shit mode, and you try to soothe and comfort that poor little stuck-ness in all it’s glory. You do all you can to make it feel better or make it stop. Feeling stuck sucks. I know. I get it. We think we are incapacitated.
Let me run that by you again, ‘WE THINK’ we are incapacitated.
What if being stuck is a time to pause, reflect, and then act? Sacrilege! How dare you suggest that we change how we think about our stuck-ness Heather! Yep. I just did.
Next time you feel stuck, instead of looking for the latest avoidance tactic or distraction technique, sit for a minute. Acknowledge that you feel stuck, and hold the energy of inquiry about what you may heal or learn. Do you want to grow? To Level-up? To expand? Re-Align?
Since we can we can reprogram how we think about things. I present you, the Heatherized definition of “I’m Stuck”.
One who chooses to be enabled, and believes this into reality.
We have the power to make this decision, the choice is yours. The next time you feel stuck, what will you choose?

Pay it Forward

Pay It Forward
I was looking through my collection of courses today, and noticed that one was missing that I was convinced I had previously ordered. I reached out to the creator of it, explained, and she gifted it to me, because neither of us seemed to have record one way or the other.
I was deeply grateful, and in that moment I knew what I had to do.
The money I was going to spend on that course, got multiplied by 4, and I picked my 3 favourite charities and 1 fundraiser I was approached about and gave them each the amount it would have cost me for the course.
It reminded me of how not so long ago, any amount of money spent, felt like a crisis. It reminded me of the days I was bankrupt. It reminded me of the days I was pay cheque to pay cheque. Over the last year, I consciously created my life, and was able to manifest not only savings, but enough to be able to freely give when I felt authentic and compelled to do so. Gratitude again fills every cell in my body, as I realize how deeply grateful I am for the life I live.
Has someone gifted you something recently? Can you pay it forward in some way? It doesn’t have to be an equal monetary value, because as we know this is just an energy exchange, and the value comes from what you feel in your heart and soul by taking the inspired action.
~With a grateful Heart~