Be with

Be with the one who supports you and knows how to call you on your shit.

Be with the one who owns their own shit.

Be with the one who, in a healthy way, makes you feel compelled to improve yourself, where you need it.

Be with the one who communicates. ALL of it. The so called, good, bad and ugly.

Be with the one you can trust.

Be with the one who is honest.

Be with the one who listens.

Be with the one who makes it a brighter moment for you, when it is a dark day in your soul.

Be with the one who touches you, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Be with the one who looks at you in a room full of people and smiles at you just because.

Be with the one who appreciates every little thing you do.

Be with the one who does what they say they are going to do.

Be with the one who will be vulnerable with you.

Be with the one you can be vulnerable with.

Be with the one, you can be you, with.

Because you are you

Because You Are You….she said.

My dear friend Gloria had no idea the level of impact this statement would have on me the other day as she wrote that in response to another piece I had written.

I took this statement right into my heart. I feel like I could write an entire book on this topic or several chapters anyway, of the importance of being ourselves and seeing the magic in who we are, but right now, I have this snippet.

I realized that I’ve always gone about things differently. That being a rebel has actually worked for me in many ways. It also means I’m stubborn, driven and focused on a whole other level.
It means, I’ve carved my own path. I use my own creative spin on words and delivery. I show up fully and completely as myself, and although I might latch on to ideas or suggestions, I find some way to make it my own.

I embrace and acknowledge that there are “proven” and “tried and true” methods for everything, but what if you’re someone who doesn’t fit into that category and it just doesn’t work for you? It is essential for all of us to follow our paths. We must remember that that when we try to do things the ONLY way we’ve been shown, we shove ourselves into boxes, classrooms, thought patterns and ideas and quite possibly stunt our potential to expand, heal and learn even more.

Can you be courageous today? Can you dare to peek at what may be just beyond the idea or the suggestion, or the way you’ve always done something? What’s the worst that can happen? It’ll either work amazingly in a way you never expected, or it won’t, and your tried and true method will be re-affirmed. Either way, you win, because you… are you.

The Beauty of Mindless Drivel

Oh sweet. It is 5:30am. I love mornings. I love sunrises, but I also love dark cozy winter mornings. I sit in the silence, and wait for the words that always have a habit of coming to me at this hour. Or 3:00 am, and it’s always dark at that hour. Sometimes it’s cozy, but it’s usually just quiet and cool. There is all kinds of energy happening at that hour too. You know those posts you read about it being the hour of writers and artsy types and Spirit Callers? Or whatever the hell that post says, yeah, it’s true. All of it. But I digress.
So I contemplating this morning on whether I should continue to lay there and just bask in the glory of my bed, or if I should actually answer the call. The call to write.
Yes! Let’s do this today!
Somewhere between, washing my face, making a cup of tea and getting settled into my big comfy chair, I was left with only being able to write about the fact that I wanted to write! What the hell?!
It can be difficult to not be discouraged during these times, when you are actively trying to “do” something. So instead I realize it’s about “being”. So right now, I’m BEING a writer.
This post may suck on all levels of sucking, and some may call it mindless drivel, others may call it fucking brilliant, some may say this is a perfect way of showing the balance. The point is, I’m actively doing THE THING. I am actively BEING the writer.
So, as I sit and write, I realize, I’ve written. Words still flowed, not the words that were in my head an hour ago, or even 5 minutes ago, but here I am.
I’m starting to grab hold of the idea that we spend way to much time planning, preparing, analyzing, contemplating, brainstorming, when we really just need to take those inspired action steps and do the thing. Whatever the thing is. I don’t care what the thing is, just get off your ass and do it.
I remember a time where I’d grab a journal and my new favourite pen, you all know I have about 100 favourite pens and journals, it’s a bit of a thing for me…. and I’d write. I’d write, I don’t know what to write. What should I write. Sigh. This sucks. Why are the words not coming. Why am I sitting here, with this pretty new pen, and this new little journal and I don’t know what to say. Fuck this pen sucks. Now it isn’t writing smooth. Seriously? Now not only do I have nothing to write about, but the pen is being an asshole. Okay here, another pen. Ah that’s better.
True story! I bet if I looked hard enough I could find that entry and show you a photo of it. But that was just the beginning, because you see after a few minutes of getting all the bullshit thoughts out of the way, the magic happened. The words came, whatever they may have been, and I was fully captivated in the act of what it was and becoming one with the moment.
Don’t underestimate the mindless drivel. Let it pour out of you like a waterfall and own that it exists. Let it be what it is, give yourself permission to let it flow, and then, the magic will happen.
See how it works?

From Guilt to Gratitude

I’ve come to learn that I need to listen to my inner ideas and suggestions.  Yes I know, you’re reading this thinking, but you’re an Intuitive so how is this news?

About a month ago, I lost someone very important to me.  He died, suddenly and unexpectedly.  I do want to share why his passing was extra meaningful to me.

You see, as life often takes us in different directions from people, it takes a certain level of effort to stay in touch sometimes.  Through no fault on anyone’s part, life just happens.  What I discovered, was that back in the summer, I kept saying to myself how I wanted to attend these weekly car show nights, that I knew this person would be attending but week after week, I didn’t make it for some reason or another.  Then, it turned into how I should just give him a call.  Again, the days and weeks went by.

Phone rings.  I look at the call display.  You know how there are certain people who just don’t call? They are the ones that send an email or a text? This was one of those people.  Why was this person calling me? This isn’t good.  I knew it wasn’t good.

Hello? Hey.  Are you sitting down? Yes, I said, as the life drained slowly from my body.  I can still feel the lifelessness of my legs in that moment, so I’m glad my friend asked me if I was sitting.  Bruce passed away last night, he said.

All I could do was ask “what happened” as the tears began to fall, and every thought of visiting and calling him for the last handful of months flooded my mind.

I’m still not sure what our mutual friend told me about what had happened, but I thanked him for the call, and I sat there.

As I sat, the guilt hit me, and I felt my heart crumble. The signs, that I had been shown, and heard in my own damn head, were ignored.  I had denied myself yet again.

I realized that it took this man’s death, for me to wake up. For me to truly and fully embrace and realize my power.  My strength. My talent. My gift. My abilities.  It took me losing the man I considered to be a second father and a damn amazing pal, for me to breathe new life, into myself.

I realized, that my higher levels and intuitive self were trying to tell me to make time for this person.  To call, to reach out, to connect.  But I didn’t. It took me a few weeks to recover from the guilt and agony of that.  I’ll never know how things would have been different, or what our final conversations may have looked like, but what I do know, is that when I get that inspired thought to do something, or say something, or call someone, or visit them, I will make the time.

So, yes.  As intuitive as I am, there are still moments where the ego battles the gift, and sometimes wins, and this was just one reminder for me, that I’m on the right path. This was just one reminder, that it is about time I keep doing what I was put here to do.  To heal, to love and to live.

Thank you Bruce, for everything you did for me while you were here, and in your last act, when you physically left us, you gave me the greatest gift of all, a reminder to follow my heart and my truth.