The Power of the Purple Flower

I’ve seen this phrase a lot lately, that people don’t know their own power.  I will be honest, I have flippantly nodded over the years while reflecting on this statement.

But as my journey continues, as does my growth.  As my heart continues to expand, and I stay open to love, I see this power now, in places I never imagined.

Today, I wasn’t in a particularly positive headspace.  I was feeling heavy, energetically off, and I knew I had to do some restorative healing for myself.  So after I scrubbed the floors and got my treadmill time in (hey I still have to do the every day human stuff too..), I decided to go for a drive to sit at my favourite beach and write.  I needed to get whatever lingering clutter I had in my head, out. As I hit the highway, I got barely 2 exits from my starting point and I changed my mind, and decided to head to a picnic that I had actually forgotten about.  It was that simple, it wasn’t even on my radar, and boom, it changed.  That quickly.  That’s how things happen in this life, we blink, and it’s suddenly different.  I was still feeling “off”, but knew that this was the better choice, the instant I made it.

As I journeyed back home I was now back at my highway exit, and along walked a man, who I see pretty much daily, standing at the side of the road, collecting change and whatever other offerings the drivers stopped at the light give.

He saw I had my window down and said hello, I turned and asked him how he was doing, he responded, and then told me about a baby skunk that he had seen the night before, and then handed me a purple flower and told me to have a nice day.

I almost cried.

Here was this man, who I do not know, offering ME a gift.  The precious purple flower.  He did not know the power of that moment.  He did not know, that this act of kindness, reminded me that there are beautiful magical moments EVERYWHERE in this world.  We just need to be open to receiving them.

Now of course, me being me, I had to look up the associations for our lovely Skunk animal totem.

In an effort to be brief, otherwise this piece of writing could become a 3 part novel, the words that popped out immediately for me were;

  • Understanding how to “walk your talk”
  • Reputation
  • Introspection
  • Taking Your Own Time
  • Patience
  • Steady with efforts
  • Presence
  • Awareness

So, between the Skunk, the flower, and the man, I was reminded of these focus points, and know, that this is where I need to continue to explore on my journey, show up for my life, and bring my gifts to the world.

Never underestimate the power of a hello, a purple flower, or be jaded by what your eyes see and judge, but instead, see with your heart.  It may just make everything okay again.

The Next Best Thing

What if, you just “did the thing”, rather than continually looking for the next best thing, and the next best thing, and then the next best thing?
What if, you just tried the last ‘next best thing’ you read about? Or purchased? Or invested in?
What if, you stopped listening to all the “next best things”, got off your ass and just did what you needed to do?
What if..
What if..

Intuition, I apologize.

Every time I ignore my intuition I learn a big life lesson. Thank you Universe. I hate you. I also love you.

It doesn’t matter how many insights I’ve had, how many times I’ve saved my own life, how many times I’ve been on point with people, situations, and events, I still, disregard her sometimes. Why?

Is that the ego? Well fuck, yeah of course it is, the ego and the soul don’t have a particularly fancy relationship. The soul is this pure light and love, the ego is a little prick.

My intuition knows. She always knows. My ego is jealous, angry, resentful and feeling left out. See, I lived for so long through my ego place, that when I finally decided that no longer served me, and what suited my path, the ego felt left out. The ego, with all the trickery, manipulation, games and malicious intent was no longer in control. But some times, some days, I have less than favourable moments.

You don’t see those less than favourable moments very often anymore unless you’ve known me for decades, as most of you are new members to my beautiful tribe.

Some of you have seen every angle of vulnerability I’ve presented, some of you watch from the sidelines, (yes I know you’re there) and some of you are neck deep with me, helping me while I flailed in the mud.

Tomorrow, is my half birthday. Every day, I celebrate life, and every year, I celebrate my birthday and my half birthday. For those of you who have no idea what a half birthday is, it’s the day in which you celebrate your age at the half mark. So remember when you were a kid and you were pleased as punch because you wanted to say you were 5 and a HALF? Well that’s the half birthday.

On this day, I want you to know, that the ego doesn’t have to win, that the soul is pure, the soul knows the way always. I also write this to remind myself, since apparently I need to be punched in the gut a few times by my Guides in order for me to U N D E R S T A N D that I need to listen to my intuition. You may have less than shining moments, because we all have shitty days from time to time, but for the love of all that’s miraculous in this life, don’t let it ruin or rule you.

Get back to center. Get back to what’s real. Get back to love.

Don’t let a shitty moment in time take control of every next step. Have your process. Feel your feelings, and then get your soul dialed in again. I N T U I T I O N.

Don’t let the fear win.
I repeat, don’t let the fear win.

Don’t compare your current situation to past situations. Make the decision, to look at everything, as if through the eyes of a child, each moment as fresh and new as if you’ve never seen these things before. The eyes of the child who is thrilled to celebrate their half birthday because they are so excited about life.

Shine on my Unicorns, and remember, only love is real.