Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

I remember being very young and OFTEN told ‘it’s just your imagination’.  It was said with such a dismissive and negative tone that I learned to ignore my “imagination”.  Which I would much later learn was my intuition. My poor soul.  Never being heard, always being ignored, always being silenced if it did manage to muster up the strength to get a message through.

It is no wonder I struggled for years trying to trust my instincts and my intuition.  If you repeatedly tell someone they cannot do something, what do you think will happen? In my situation, I shut down, turn off the skill, ignored the gift, and didn’t believe in my dreams.

It wasn’t until I started imagining a different way of BEING, which ultimately turned out to be the exact opposite of what I was DOING. I began to listen to my intuition. I started following my dreams.  My wishes started to come true. I got a do-over. I got a do-over because I decided I wanted a do-over.  It can be that simple, you just have to allow it.

What would you do differently? What would you bring into your life? What gift are you silencing? What would love do?

Deciding to Heal

I’ve been having these repeated “a-hah” moments the last few weeks.  Realizing where I was, and where I am today, is purely because of all the healing work I decided to do.  Yes, that’s right, decided.

I remember what it was like to be spiritually bankrupt, an emotional train-wreck and to have no desire to continue living on this earth.  What was the point? I had no passion, I had no purpose, I had nothing. Or so I thought.  Thankfully, my creator, that at the time, I didn’t believe in, but held me close, decided that I would have a change of heart, shook the ground I was on, and in a matter of a day, my life turned around.  Ever since that moment, I became highly invested in letting love be my guide, and not fear.  Has it been easy? Well no, not particularly, but healing becomes easier, the more awakened I become.  I can identify what is going on very quickly, and then, I decide, how am I going to roll with this one? How will Heather Lynn Tobin, turn this into magic?

Fear will suck your soul dry.  It will leave you listless, depressed, and direction-less.  You will exist, but you will not live.  You may do the minimum to get through the day, and then lay there at night thinking about all the things you didn’t get done and should have done. Damn that “should”.  That should gets a lot of people, in a lot of trouble. You want to talk about anxious depressed and miserable? Keep shoulding on yourself. (I wish that was original, but I must honour Susan Stewart for the concept of shoulding on yourself, as she is the first person I ever heard say it).

When I decided to dive-in heart first to my healing journey I had NO idea what was going to happen.  But I was all in.  I don’t do anything half-assed.  I always use my full ass. (also not original).

But what IS original, is this.  Only YOU can decide to get your life together.  Only YOU can decide you no longer want something, or you want more of something else.  Only you can LIVE your life.  We all go through ups and downs, life changes and events, but it is about how we absorb the situation, process it, and what inspired actions we take from that moment forward. If your inspired action is to stomp your feet and moan about life being unfair, well I’ve got news for you, that won’t cut it. It might be cute for  minute, actually no, no it won’t be. Can we just agree to stop that behaviour now? Okay good.

I didn’t get to this incredibly, delicious, gorgeous and delightful place in my life by throwing tantrums, blaming (myself or others), carrying anger or building resentments.  I did all this for years, MANY years, but that isn’t my story now.  I not only turned the page on those unhealthy behviours, I’m in a whole other book.

So, are you ready to write the new story for your life? Do you want to dive in and go heart first into this beautiful incredible abyss ?  Learn how to be the best most authentic version of yourself?

Stop playing small. Play with me. Invest in yourself.

Your heart is stronger, bigger and will serve you fully! I PROMISE.

You, just need to decide.  Decide that you deserve better.  Decide that you want to turn off the noise, get back to basics, and fully step into your life.

Ask me about my June specials if this sounds like the boost or the kick in the butt you have been waiting for.



If you’re going to surrender, do it completely. Selective surrender is a good place to start, but will energetically hold you back from the full experience and beauty of complete surrender.   So, surrender.  Free yourself completely. You’ve got this.

Flow like a River

If  you were a river, you’d flow through life with ease.  It wouldn’t matter what was put in your path, you’d find your way through, around, over or under. Nothing could stop you.

What would happen if you started viewing your life like a river?

You can’t cope with an empty cup…

Sometimes you have a shitty day.  That’s all there is to it.  You’re in an amazing place, your life is filled with excitement, adventure and blessings and then you just wake up and you feel like crap.    Why? Well for starters we are human, (sorry I know).  But really it takes work to stay high vibe all the time. Or even balanced vibe in some cases.  I spent so many years living with an empty cup, that it takes work for me to remember to fill it up. I know right? I’m the healer and the life coach I should know better.  Hah, not so fast wise-guy, remember my human disclaimer?

The more time I spend in quiet meditation, reading, doing healing work, BE-ing in nature, the more I realize how much my body, mind and spirit need these things. This way, when these crappy days happen, my cup is already filled with the healing balm and natural medicines I need to deal with the flood of unloving gremlins.

I’ve learned that I need to let the Gremlin’s do their thing.  I let the thoughts happen, I let the feelings up, but I don’t allow them to control me.  By choosing to sit in whatever the stuff is, rather than running from it,  I am able to honour whatever it is that brought this up from the darkest corners of my soul. To not honour it, and stuff it down, or ignore it, simply makes it worse as it will stick to me like a leech, drain my heart and dishonour my soul.

So just as the air we breathe is a necessity, we must take care of ourselves in the same non-negotiable way.

How will you start filling your cup?

Your Body Will Tell You Everything

When we observe ourselves, I mean truly observe ourselves, we are filled with clues on what we need.  Unfortunately we’ve been trained to keep pushing through, not put ourselves first and to essentially suck it up – we continually dismiss what our bodies are telling us.

Most people I work with, have some sort of physical ailment that is troubling them. Maybe it is a headache, a bad stomach, sore joints, inability to sleep, or feeling generally off.  So what do they do? They take a pill, they have a drink, they overeat, they lash out, they build resentments, they look outside of themselves and focus on other things.  Yes, when I say our body, I also mean all the emotional and spiritual clues. Yup, a great big hot mess we become.

But rather than digging in, we ignore the symptom by silencing it in some way.  This instant gratification we seek to “feel better”, simply tells our body we don’t care what it has to say, we aren’t listening. Bring on the ear aches!

When I began to listen to my body, really truly listen, I knew that I needed to pay attention.  From a sore feet, to back pain, to headaches, to everything in between it always represented a new layer of healing I needed to do.  Most people get turned off at this point because they don’t want to have to think about healing anything.  They just want to feel better NOW.  Think about it, we don’t drink to get drunk next week.  We don’t take antidepressants in the summer to avoid our winter blues. The problem with all of this is that we start to fear healing! Oh my goodness what am I going to learn? What am I going to find out? What if it is bad?  What if I can’t heal it?

You can handle it, trust me.  It wouldn’t have been installed in your body if you couldn’t.

So how about asking yourself these questions instead. What if you can? What if, you can ease all the physical pain and the emotional pain and thrive? What if your best days of your life are waiting for you to pay attention?

What if you decided just for today that you deserve better? Then today turned into tomorrow, and three months from now, you no longer have chronic headaches because you started speaking more kindly to, and about yourself?

What if you start thinking the opposite of the bullshit story you tell yourself? What magic awaits you?

You’ve got this.