Just Jump


I climb the mountain. I’m bloody, battered and bruised. Fear drips from my brow.  I’ve had enough.

It is time to be free. I get to the top, and I jump.

I free fall into not-knowing, I free fall into trust, and I let go of everything.

My life flashes through my mind, and all the toxic lies I’ve held slip away from my body. As I float gracefully, I feel peaceful, free, at ease.

It’s over. This way of life is over.

In that moment, of letting go, of free falling, I feel a parachute open, and my descent slows even more. I am guided gently and I find new footing.

I’m not ready to look ahead yet, so I close my eyes and I enjoy this clear and cleansing moment.

This moment of not being shackled to the past.

This moment of being free of the subscription of the bullshit story I’ve believed for far too many lifetimes.

My new beliefs, not yet known, but I feel them in my soul. They will present themselves to me, like chapters in a book, page after page, new discoveries.

Authentic me, has re-awakened.

I was here the whole time, I just had to jump.

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