Magic is Everywhere

Magic is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes. Once you see, you cannot un-see. Once you feel, you cannot un-feel. Once you believe, un-believing isn’t an option.

Two months ago I got this beauty. Since then, every single day has been a reminder to let my authentic self shine. Ever since I embraced that decision and act upon it daily, I am greeted with new blessings, incredible moments, exceptional healing experiences and glorious glorious love.

Sweet Unicorn, I believe. I believe.



Those mornings…

Those mornings you wake up, your soul is calm, your heart is not so heavy. You know those mornings.

It is on these mornings that you realize you’ve been in some sort of a downer, a funk, feeling not quite right, or perhaps carrying a burden of some kind.

I live for all days of course, but these calm lighter freeing days, are the days I feel most connected. The days I am reminded what is most important, what is most real and authentic.

It doesn’t mean that my “less than awesome” days weren’t real, or that those heavy feelings didn’t exist, it just means that on a deeper sense, I’ve healed a new layer, I have leveled up!

In the past, I would dwell in the misery, the stress and the agony.  I would slather it all over myself like a bad shower gel that you don’t really like, but it was all I had (knew). Now, with simple acknowledge me of saying “okay I’m not feelin’ it today” or “I’m really feelin’ it today” as the case may be, I’m able to simply own that it is, simply, what it is. I don’t need to fight it, I don’t need to try to make it go away, I just need to honour it.

What we resist , persists.  What we ignite within us, is the moment to shine, and once again come out the other side of whatever the moment is, with time, you’ll begin to love these moments too, because you know, big shifts happen when these moments arrive.

Here is to leveling up, loving it all, and keepin’ it real.

Just Jump


I climb the mountain. I’m bloody, battered and bruised. Fear drips from my brow.  I’ve had enough.

It is time to be free. I get to the top, and I jump.

I free fall into not-knowing, I free fall into trust, and I let go of everything.

My life flashes through my mind, and all the toxic lies I’ve held slip away from my body. As I float gracefully, I feel peaceful, free, at ease.

It’s over. This way of life is over.

In that moment, of letting go, of free falling, I feel a parachute open, and my descent slows even more. I am guided gently and I find new footing.

I’m not ready to look ahead yet, so I close my eyes and I enjoy this clear and cleansing moment.

This moment of not being shackled to the past.

This moment of being free of the subscription of the bullshit story I’ve believed for far too many lifetimes.

My new beliefs, not yet known, but I feel them in my soul. They will present themselves to me, like chapters in a book, page after page, new discoveries.

Authentic me, has re-awakened.

I was here the whole time, I just had to jump.

We All Change

I was always told that a leopard couldn’t change his spots. So as I carried this belief, this is how it played out for me.

It forced me to not trust people.  It forced me to carry resentments.  It made me angry.  It made me a very non-forgiving person.

I was riddled with physical pain, depression and anxiety because my thoughts manifested into deeper physical and emotional ailments.

But why?

Because I listened to the people that told me people don’t change.  The people that told me not to trust.  What I know now, is this.  The people that told me these things,  were not aligned with my soul’s view. My body was showing me that this was not higher level thinking or being. Do I resent them? NO.  In fact I’m grateful (now).  I firmly believe (now) that these people were chosen as my lesson in making sure I always listen to my soul.

The other side of this is something I watch unfold regularly.  It is how other people reject us when we change.  You see, they are uncomfortable with who we have become or who we are when we walk in truth.  They only remember us within the frame of reference that they knew us.  Maybe we caused harm.  Maybe we did things they cannot forgive.  Maybe, we held up a mirror to them and they just couldn’t see it.  Whatever it may have been, if you’ve moved on, and they can’t accept it, let it go.

These folks are simply uncomfortable with how YOUR changes now reflect on them.  How does this define me? They never consciously ask, but the ego sits back and has a field day with this.  Trust me. I know.

They look at you and say, you never used to be like this, or you weren’t like this when we hung out, or when you were growing up you were this way or that way.

Deep sigh.

I know, it is hard to take this all in, it is hard to hear people say these things, but, this part isn’t about you.  It is about them. Don’t take it personally.

Know this, although your leopard spots didn’t change from the visible eye, how you show up with your spots, how you carry your spots, and how you choose to now live your life with your spots in this beautiful present moment, is what matters.

Not everyone is going to support you.  Not everyone is going to like what you do, or even agree with it because of their own set of life rules. There will be naysayers and haters a-plenty. They will hold nothing but resentments and jealousy towards you. They will make you feel small.  They will dull your sparkle.  They will wait for you to fail. They will do everything in their power, to make sure you maintain your suffering so that they have permission to maintain theirs.

Then, one day, magic. You will look at your soul, way way way deep down, within the rubble of all the bricks that have been thrown at you, will emerge your true authentic self. You will see the battle wounds, the scars, the heartache, and know the days of madness so clearly, you could re-enact them with expert accuracy.

When this magical shift happens, you will realize, there is another group of people that behave much differently. These people are your posse, your crew, your soul-squad, your biggest cheerleaders.  These people, are the beautiful souls that align with you on your journey.  You won’t believe that they are real.  They will be kind, generous, and exceptionally supportive.  They will view your passions and your work as the beautiful creations that they are.  They will celebrate your joys and successes, and they will help you process your lessons. They will help you brainstorm ideas. They will sit and listen.  They will let you cry.  They will pick you up. They will hold sacred space for you.  Let them.
These people, believe in you. They will believe in you when NO one else does.  They will believe in you, when you have lost your way.  They will hold your heart, when it is too heavy a burden for you on your darkest days.  Let them.
I write this for all the real-deal people, who stuck around when no one else would, for the souls that recognize me, for the people who are brave enough to embrace their authentic selves and take the steps needed to live in their truth.

Magic or Madness

Magic or madness? Both are everywhere all the time.  Can we let the magic take priority for a while? Get back to truth? Get to authentic, organic beautiful magic?

Consider this, everything you watch, hear, think, say, absorb, expands the power of it.

Where are you going to put your energy today?

Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

I remember being very young and OFTEN told ‘it’s just your imagination’.  It was said with such a dismissive and negative tone that I learned to ignore my “imagination”.  Which I would much later learn was my intuition. My poor soul.  Never being heard, always being ignored, always being silenced if it did manage to muster up the strength to get a message through.

It is no wonder I struggled for years trying to trust my instincts and my intuition.  If you repeatedly tell someone they cannot do something, what do you think will happen? In my situation, I shut down, turn off the skill, ignored the gift, and didn’t believe in my dreams.

It wasn’t until I started imagining a different way of BEING, which ultimately turned out to be the exact opposite of what I was DOING. I began to listen to my intuition. I started following my dreams.  My wishes started to come true. I got a do-over. I got a do-over because I decided I wanted a do-over.  It can be that simple, you just have to allow it.

What would you do differently? What would you bring into your life? What gift are you silencing? What would love do?

Deciding to Heal

I’ve been having these repeated “a-hah” moments the last few weeks.  Realizing where I was, and where I am today, is purely because of all the healing work I decided to do.  Yes, that’s right, decided.

I remember what it was like to be spiritually bankrupt, an emotional train-wreck and to have no desire to continue living on this earth.  What was the point? I had no passion, I had no purpose, I had nothing. Or so I thought.  Thankfully, my creator, that at the time, I didn’t believe in, but held me close, decided that I would have a change of heart, shook the ground I was on, and in a matter of a day, my life turned around.  Ever since that moment, I became highly invested in letting love be my guide, and not fear.  Has it been easy? Well no, not particularly, but healing becomes easier, the more awakened I become.  I can identify what is going on very quickly, and then, I decide, how am I going to roll with this one? How will Heather Lynn Tobin, turn this into magic?

Fear will suck your soul dry.  It will leave you listless, depressed, and direction-less.  You will exist, but you will not live.  You may do the minimum to get through the day, and then lay there at night thinking about all the things you didn’t get done and should have done. Damn that “should”.  That should gets a lot of people, in a lot of trouble. You want to talk about anxious depressed and miserable? Keep shoulding on yourself. (I wish that was original, but I must honour Susan Stewart for the concept of shoulding on yourself, as she is the first person I ever heard say it).

When I decided to dive-in heart first to my healing journey I had NO idea what was going to happen.  But I was all in.  I don’t do anything half-assed.  I always use my full ass. (also not original).

But what IS original, is this.  Only YOU can decide to get your life together.  Only YOU can decide you no longer want something, or you want more of something else.  Only you can LIVE your life.  We all go through ups and downs, life changes and events, but it is about how we absorb the situation, process it, and what inspired actions we take from that moment forward. If your inspired action is to stomp your feet and moan about life being unfair, well I’ve got news for you, that won’t cut it. It might be cute for  minute, actually no, no it won’t be. Can we just agree to stop that behaviour now? Okay good.

I didn’t get to this incredibly, delicious, gorgeous and delightful place in my life by throwing tantrums, blaming (myself or others), carrying anger or building resentments.  I did all this for years, MANY years, but that isn’t my story now.  I not only turned the page on those unhealthy behviours, I’m in a whole other book.

So, are you ready to write the new story for your life? Do you want to dive in and go heart first into this beautiful incredible abyss ?  Learn how to be the best most authentic version of yourself?

Stop playing small. Play with me. Invest in yourself.

Your heart is stronger, bigger and will serve you fully! I PROMISE.

You, just need to decide.  Decide that you deserve better.  Decide that you want to turn off the noise, get back to basics, and fully step into your life.

Ask me about my June specials if this sounds like the boost or the kick in the butt you have been waiting for.



If you’re going to surrender, do it completely. Selective surrender is a good place to start, but will energetically hold you back from the full experience and beauty of complete surrender.   So, surrender.  Free yourself completely. You’ve got this.