Back to Nature, Soul Food.

There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than nature and the gifts that our creator has given us. All we have to do is look around. It doesn’t take much to reconnect to the beauty of it, similarly, it doesn’t take much to be completely taken away from our peace.

When I am doing deep healing work, shifting the bullshit story I tell myself, and expanding my heart, I often experience a certain amount of anxiety and physical dis-ease. I know it is all temporary, but at the time it feels awful. My skin crawls, my stomach turns, I awake in the middle of the night from crazy unsettling dreams. But I embrace it. I take it all and I love on it. I love on it hard, because I KNOW if I resist it or if I try to stop it from happening it will simply stunt my process and block me.

On Saturday I took the reminder from someone I did a healing session with (since we all need Coaches and Healers in our lives – yes, especially us coaches and healers ūüėČ ) to get my butt into nature.

So I did. My soul needed it SO much.

It was the absolute most beautiful thing I have done for myself in a really long time.

I was there surrounded by my Guides, my Angels, the Universe, I’m sure Luna was there too, my feet in the river, touching the rocks, sitting on another, sun on my back, pen in hand and I wrote. I felt, and I wrote. I let everything Spirit was guiding me to write to flow through my hands and heal me deeply. I was reminded of so many beautiful things in those moments, I truly could have stayed there forever.

So my friends, I ask you, do you need to reconnect? Do you need to put a hold on your crazy thoughts, your stress, your anxiety, your demands, your every day living “stuff”, and go be in the beauty and healing moments of nature?

I do believe this is a resounding hell yes! So, go, then tell us all about it.File_002 (1)

The Feelz

I used to have ¬†friend that would say it was as if I was always swinging from pillar to post. That I couldn’t find a “happy medium”, that my “balance” was off. That my “emotions were all over”.

This made me sad, because I believed that these things were bad.  I invested so much into what this person had to say about me, to me, that I started to try to force myself to live more balanced, to quiet my emotions, to settle down almost.

Then I learned something else.  This person was merely uncomfortable with me for their own personal reasons, and so whenever they had these opinions or judgments about me, it had to do with them, not me.

What I also learned, is that no one gets to silence me.  No one gets to tell me not to go with what I feel.  No one has that power over me.

I also realized that I feel everything BIG. I feel the highs and the lows, and everything in between.  I know what it is like to be riding a wave of excitement of thrill, adventure, soul moments and glory, and I also know what it is like to feel down, deep sadness and pain at levels that most people avoid.

You see, at some point in my life I decided that I WANTED to feel. I wanted to feel it all. I didn’t want to bury it. Hide it. Shame it. Or ignore it.

I love it all.  I accept it all. I allow, it all.

Peace out.
Bliss out.
Heather out.




Are you feeling unheard? Are you feeling stuck? Are you feeling unsatisfied?   What would happen if you took responsibility for what you needed, and asked for it? Gave yourself permission to just get out there and ask?

Share with us, what do you need? Sometimes just thinking it, praying for it, or writing it down brings it into your life.


Go For It

Friends, today my message is simple. Go for it.
Whatever it is, just go for it. Dive in, open heart, open soul, go for it.
The “ya buts” and the “what ifs” will hold you back for as long as you let them, but how is that serving you? Haven’t you done that long enough?
What is it you need to dive into? Never mind the whys, the hows and the question marks, free yourself from the shackles of fear, embrace the power of permission and lean into it. Lean into it hard. Drink it up, whatever it is, and go for it.

Sunshine or Poison?

Our attitude can truly make or break us. It can be the sunshine that lights up a room, or it can be the poison that ruins our serenity.

I know there are times when I have sat back and thought wow, could this day get any worse? So, I stop and realize that yes, it can. I also know that it can also get much better depending on my perspective of a situation.  So with each moment I get to decide, am I going to have a poisonous attitude or a sunny one.

Let’s keep it real though, a sunny attitude doesn’t mean I’m skipping through the streets, singing songs at strangers and spouting off all the wondrous things that are perfect with my life. (Although that would be very epic) What it does look like is me actively keeping my peace by¬†keeping my thoughts in check, noticing when I may feel off, or if there is a¬†negative slant. ¬†I remind myself that my attitude is everything, and I try to adjust as quickly as I can.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and struggling with thoughts and negative self talk? Are your thoughts taking over your serenity?

Why are you drinking your own poison?


Loving Eyes or Ego Eyes

Don’t allow your ego eyes to rule. ¬†Instead, explore¬†each situation you encounter today with love.

Yes. Every situation. ¬†The guy who cut in front of you on the highway. ¬†The coworker that shows up late. The person ahead of you who takes too long to order their menu items. ¬†The sibling that has a different viewpoint. ¬†The annoying parent. ¬†The traffic. ¬†The demands of others. The spouse who forgot to take out the trash. The friend who didn’t return the call.

Don’t allow yourself to be reduced to fragments of your true self simply because you elect to look at situations at the surface level. ¬†Go deeper. ¬†Push the ego-eye viewpoint.

What if, for just one moment, when faced with situations, we take a split second to choose to respond differently. ¬†What if we say ‘wow, that guy must be having a bad day’, rather than flipping him off? ¬†What if, the guy ordering from the menu has anxiety because it is¬†his first day at his new job and¬†hasn’t worked in a few¬†years because he’s been on compassionate leave? What if the traffic is because someone had a medical issue and is now on the side of the road fighting for their life? Or maybe the guy who cut you off has been depressed and thought about ending their life that morning. ¬†Maybe the coworker that showed up late is dealing with an elderly parent at home. ¬†Maybe the parent who calls you every time every week and asks you the same questions is just struggling to connect. Maybe. Just maybe.

Remember, people can only work within their frame of reference and the scope of that which they are dealing with. ¬†We don’t know the pains of others. ¬†We cannot possibly know. ¬†But we judge. ¬†We complain, we groan, we see someone doing something that we don’t like, for whatever reason, and we look at everything with unloving eyes.

Can we try today to be a little loving? Just try? What if, we all did this? What if, we all just loved a little bit today? What would happen? What if we viewed with love, rather than with ego?



Sweet Surrender

What if I suggested that maybe you have some ideas, or some actions or beliefs that haven’t been serving you. Really it’s okay, keep breathing. I’ve done a lot of work on this topic and I’m not dead. Hi! look it’s me! Writing this post about surrender!
What if the surrender is so sweet, it propels you forward in epic awesome ways? Ways you never imagined possible?
But that’s our fear right? We think if we change our minds, or we decided to do something different than what we said we were going to do, and we voiced that to the world, we will D I E. We must follow through because people are going to judge us and talk about us and we have to explain ourselves. Wow, talk about a guilt and shame spiral. Guess what, people are going to find something to not like anyway, so you may as well get over that while you’re at this surrendering thing.
Seriously? Yes seriously. This is not my joking face right now. ūüėČ
My favourite line lately has been “who gives a shit”. Why does this person or that person’s opinion of YOU matter so much? Isn’t that between you, yourself and.. you? Who decided that this other person’s “level” in this world was bigger or better than yours, that if YOU changed your mind, or YOU did something they didn’t understand, that you needed to explain yourself?
Now before you have a melt down about how this is ‘easy for me to say’, I have lived it. I have lived through the rules, with the rules and broke the rules. Some really big ones too, but we can break those out in another post some day.
So it isn’t easy for me to say because the mud I had to sit in each time I surrendered to letting go of a false belief, I was grief stricken. I was angry, I was miserable, I fought it hard. I was highly operating in my ego place. We have these ideas for so long that of course we are going to grieve, and often with the false belief, there is a person associated with it that may also need to be released also. So although I didn’t die, I did have to be on the receiving end of people who I thought supported me disappear, because I decided I wanted to follow my intuition instead of what they were telling me to do. Imagine the conflict! Especially when it’s someone we look up to right? I mean, I get it, we have special relationships with special people, but when it suddenly feels misaligned, pay attention to that. The flip side? Enter all the fabulous supportive glorious people who DO hold space for me and don’t have an agenda for themselves or the friendship.
So, I ask you, are you ready to step into alignment with your soul? Are you ready to embrace the lovely lotus that you are?