Cut Your Losses, Pick Up and Move On

Knowing when you’ve been cut off, and knowing when to cut off, plays a big role in your mental health. Is there anyone you need to cut out of your life in order to reach your goals? Someone who is sabotaging your ideas? Someone who is not helping you stay on plan but instead manipulates just enough for you to sway from your direction because of their own insecurities? Perhaps it’s someone you thought you could trust with the inner workings of your heart and mind, but they’ve ghosted on you, leaving you to figure it out yourself? Maybe, they just can’t handle your authenticity? Your realness? Your you-ness.

Whoever it is, whatever it is, I guarantee you this, you can always put yourself first and do what you need to do to get well, and everyone else will watch you rise from the rubble, if you so choose.

What will you choose?cut

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