Self-Care Simplified

self care wheel

Self-care is a term often tossed around like a hot potato without really landing anywhere.
I divide self-care into four main categories. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.
In the past, I was great at focusing on one area or the other, but as the other areas were put on the back burner, the area that I was focusing on would suffer no matter how much I invested in it.   It was simple. 100% focus on only one specific area wasn’t going to make me feel awesome, I really did need to focus on taking care of all of them. So I made the switch.  I started investing a little bit of time into each category and it made a world of difference for me.
If you feel like your self-care routine isn’t giving you want you need, maybe it’s time to evaluate and reflect upon what you’re doing, or not doing, and then make some choices based on your discoveries.


I know you like to make lists.  I know you say you want to try this, or consider that, or you want to think about doing something maybe.  I know you think about a lot of things.  I know you have big plans, and goals.  I don’t know what your goals are or what is on your lists or what you deeply desire to do, but I do know, you probably …..

….want to wait until Monday, or someday, or you have to wait until you use up all the ‘stuff’ you have laying around first.  Or the food that you don’t want to waste, or get on that treadmill that you have tucked away in the corner, have that personal development book waiting on your coffee-table that you bought 3 months ago.

….how many Mondays have come and gone? How many times have you said you were going to donate the stuff? Give the food to the less fortune so you can stock up on other items? Dusted off the treadmill? Use the book as a landing pad for your remote control?

Can you please just take action? DO something today, that’s different than what you have always done, it’s time.



Cut Your Losses, Pick Up and Move On

Knowing when you’ve been cut off, and knowing when to cut off, plays a big role in your mental health. Is there anyone you need to cut out of your life in order to reach your goals? Someone who is sabotaging your ideas? Someone who is not helping you stay on plan but instead manipulates just enough for you to sway from your direction because of their own insecurities? Perhaps it’s someone you thought you could trust with the inner workings of your heart and mind, but they’ve ghosted on you, leaving you to figure it out yourself? Maybe, they just can’t handle your authenticity? Your realness? Your you-ness.

Whoever it is, whatever it is, I guarantee you this, you can always put yourself first and do what you need to do to get well, and everyone else will watch you rise from the rubble, if you so choose.

What will you choose?cut