Operation Workspace

I have come to learn that my productivity and emotional wellness is directly related to how peaceful I keep my workspace.

Since I am blessed with a laptop, I can set up shop anywhere. Typically, I work at my desk in my office but when I need to change gears or rooms for whatever reason, I have a little space set up in my kitchen.  That’s the picture I’ve included here.   It has some of my favourite things placed so that I can see them while I sit and work away.  When I need a quick break I simply look to the corner and see all these things and instantly feel peaceful and calm.

Think about it this way, when you look at an operating room, what do you see? You see the tools and instruments that the surgeon needs.

Now, I’m not suggesting you sit with only 1 pen, 1 piece of paper and your laptop, but definitely clean out the stuff you don’t need laying around and within your view. As I’ve done, I have my space very much like an operating room, but of course added a few “Coach Heather Touches”, that make it more personal and welcoming.

So, if you are struggling to focus, feel productive, or simply get things done that need your attention, you may need to take a look around. Do you have piles of paper cluttering your area?  Do you have dishes, laundry, or junk piled up? Files? Folders? An “in tray” that looks like a trash pile?  It might be time to consider decluttering and making your space work for you.

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